The PIMA M.F.A. is a cutting-edge graduate program in collaborative, experimental, multidisciplinary performing arts production. Students collaboratively create performances that draw upon and hybridize theater, performance art, dance, music, puppetry, and unnamed forms.

Bringing together experienced artists from a wide range of backgrounds, this intensive two-year program teaches interdisciplinary collaboration as a skill in itself, and multimedia computer programming as a tool for both practical production and collaboration.

Students in the program share an interest in digital media and use of technology in performance, and multimedia work is encouraged and supported.

Following an initial term of intensive collaborative creation on campus, students have opportunities and are encouraged to present collaborative works in New York City venues, providing unique production opportunities. The PIMA M.F.A. program culminates in a collaborative thesis typically produced off-campus.

A much worthwhile travel across the Atlantic! I found some really inspiring people and amazing collaborators. This program is definitely taking me into new realms of collaboration and interdisciplinary art-making! -LĂ­gia; M.F.A. 2013 - Portugal

PIMA's unique focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, experimentation and media/technology has vastly increased my tool kit of artistic resources and expanded my thinking about what constitutes art and performance. It has given me incredible opportunities to collaborate with artists from all different backgrounds who inspire and challenge me, allowing me to grow as an artist and as a person. -Rachel; M.F.A. 2012

This program speaks to the core of my artistic being, providing an exploration-based education that is at once deeply challenging and infinitely inspiring. It is a rare program that allows the artist to develop individual interests and skills, while also collaborating with a diverse array of other artists, revealing new ways of working, and opening up aspects of art that are outside of the typical realm of understanding. -Sophia; M.F.A. 2013

[As] a student in the PIMA program, I acquired the ability to speak with artists across disciplines, and realized that learning to work collaboratively was not only something that would improve my art, but quite frankly, improve every aspect of my professional and personal life. Our future, as artists, as leaders, as entrepreneurs, is not going to be reached by working alone. PIMA understands this. -Laura; M.F.A. 2011